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Meta (Meta, #1)

Cover for Meta (Meta, #1)


I grade books like Roger Ebert grad­ed movies: com­pared to ex­pec­ta­tion­s.

If I am giv­en an ac­claimed clas­sic like A Can­ti­cle for Lei­bow­itz, and it ends up claim­ing ba­bies suf­fer­ing ag­o­niz­ing deaths are a good thing be­cause god likes to see them go through it, and has no moral prob­lems with that, even propos­ing that as the su­pe­ri­or moral po­si­tion, the gross­ness of its ide­ol­o­gy makes it hard for me to ig­nore that the book's ar­gu­ment is al­so crap, so 1 star.

On the oth­er hand, you have books like Meta. Clas­sic? No. Ac­claimed? No. Fun? Sure. Bad­ly writ­ten? No. A quick read that leaves you won­der­ing what hap­pens nex­t? Yes. So 3 stars.

A Canticle for Leibowitz (St. Leibowitz, #1)

Cover for A Canticle for Leibowitz (St. Leibowitz, #1)


Yes, sure this is a clas­sic, but it has aged hor­ri­bly. It's a paean to re­ac­tionary, con­ser­va­tive "thought", the sparse plot makes no sense, and it's so deeply in­vest­ed on catholi­cism it reeks of stale con­se­crat­ed wine.

The catholic equiv­a­lent of a rap­ture book.

Would not rec­om­mend if it were the nex­t-­to-last book left in a post-apoc­alip­tic waste­land.

PS: the au­thor some­how seems to feel say­ing some­thing in latin makes it deep and true.

Station Eleven

Cover for Station Eleven


Very in­ter­est­ing book. Re­mind­ed me slight­ly of Cloud At­las with­out all the soul trans­mi­gra­tion.

The Martian Emperor

Cover for The Martian Emperor


A hi­lar­i­ous ad­ven­ture. You *do* need to read the first book first, or this one will make no sense, and it's a shame the au­thor has not writ­ten a third book in the se­ries.

OTO­H, this one has giv­en me Ted­dy Roo­sevelt on a rhi­noc­er­os for a dol­lar, so who am I to com­plain.

The Monster In The Mist

Cover for The Monster In The Mist


This book re­al­ly sur­prised me. I had nev­er heard of it, and got it as a rec­om­men­da­tion on Kin­dle af­ter "The Glass Ma­gi­cian", and since it was 99 cents...

Well, it is sort of an awe­some love child of Verne and Twain, or some­thing like that. Too bad the au­thor ap­par­ent­ly has on­ly writ­ten two of these and aban­doned the se­ries :-(

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