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The Stars at War II (Starfire, #1,4)


The first three quartes of the book are strict­ly a con­tin­u­a­tion of the end of The Stars at War. They are dreck. The fi­nal quar­ter, an in­de­pen­dent sto­ry, is much, much bet­ter.

The Stars at War (Starfire, #2-3)


A col­lec­tion of clichés (Niv­en wants his Kzin back, au­thors!), but it moves at a good pace, and is en­ter­tain­ing.

Bedlam Boyz (Bedlam's Bard, #3)


One com­men­t: the span­ish sounds right. It may be a lit­tle thing, but be­ing a span­ish speak­er, it's in­cred­i­bly jar­ring when it does­n't. The au­thor or its ed­i­tors did well here.

Oth­er than that, de­cent fan­ta­sy book.

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