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Very char­ac­ter-­driven, slaps you around ev­ery page, and Steak­ley re­al­ly has a gift for writ­ing ac­tion sce­nes: what's hap­pen­ing is al­ways clear, and he gives a feel­ing of ... rush.

The Postman


a bit too much rah rah (north) amer­i­can ex­cep­tion­al­is­m.

Sun of Suns (Virga, #1)


An orig­i­nal set­ting (I can on­ly think of Niven's sig­ma trees?), ac­tion, ad­ven­ture... it'sr eal­ly an old-­fash­ioned swash­buck­ler, but with lots of twist­s.

Sad­ly I can't get the se­quels yet.

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