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Eastern Standard Tribe

Cover for Eastern Standard Tribe


Not Doc­torow's best book.

The end­ing is a bit facile. There's a nice part in the mid­dle where you start ac­tu­al­ly doubt­ing the nar­ra­tor's san­i­ty, I wish it had gone that way a bit far­ther.

For the Win

Cover for For the Win


A re­al page turn­er. Tak­ing ad­van­tage of it be­ing CC, I think I may at­tempt trans­lat­ing it to span­ish (ar­gen­tini­an flavour)


Cover for Fryupdale


Some things were fun, but it's not my cup of tea.

Perdido Street Station (New Crobuzon, #1)

Cover for Perdido Street Station (New Crobuzon, #1)


Is this book per­fec­t? No. The plot me­an­ders a bit, it turns in­to a mon­ster hunter sto­ry in the mid­dle, the au­thor has more words for black and dirty than the av­er­age in­huit has for snow, but... it's still very, very, very good.

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