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Snow Crash


This was a re-read, and luck­i­ly I had for­got­ten enough to make it fun.

In fac­t, I have read ev­ery­thing Neal Stephen­son wrote, and the man can make any­thing en­ter­tain­ing.

I know this is some kind of heresy, but the be­gin­ning (the fa­mous de­liv­er­a­tor piece) is per­haps the weak­est part of the book. It shows Stephen­son try­ing to sound like Gib­son and (the worst part) achiev­ing it.

The au­thor has a much more pow­er­ful voice, is a much bet­ter writer, and in gen­er­al, his books are su­pe­ri­or (IMHO) so that freaked me out.

Of course, af­ter this book he wrote Crypto­nomi­con and The Baroque Cy­cle and Anath­em, which are 3 (or 5) of my favourite book­s, so I don't care about his mis­guid­ed youth­ful en­er­gy.

Siberian Light


I sus­pect rus­sians would find this book in­cred­i­bly of­fen­sive. On the oth­er hand, I just find it im­plau­si­ble. I man­aged to sus­pend dis­be­lief, but it was not easy!

Tomorrow and Tomorrow


This is in many ways an awe­some book. It is not a book I can like, but I can look at it and say, that is one heck of an idea, and the au­thor sure does work it!

The writ­ing is some­how cold, and the main char­ac­ter's ob­ses­sion with his dead wife seems to me more ob­ses­sion than pas­sion. When Par Leon of­fers to "fix him"... well, it seems to me that he *did* need fix­ing.

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