Shoreham: Blogging with Ubuntu One (a teaser)

At Ca­no­ni­ca­l’s On­li­ne Ser­vi­ces we can do cool stu­ff on fri­da­ys. We do cool s­tu­ff all week, ac­tua­ll­y, but on fri­da­ys we can do cra­zier cool stu­ff.

So, to­da­y, I ri­pped off a great ser­vi­ce offe­red by http://­ca­le­pi­n.­co and im­ple­men­ted a pro­to­ty­pe blo­g-­th­rou­gh-U­bun­tu-O­ne web appli­ca­tio­n. Of cour­se, it’s po­we­red by Niko­la,

The co­de is ab­so­lu­te non­sen­se, and it nee­ds to be looked at by so­meo­ne who un­ders­tan­ds Djan­go, OAu­th, Ope­nI­D, and pro­gra­m­ming in ge­ne­ral be­tte­r ­than I do, but he­y, it does wo­rk (for a ve­ry loose de­fi­ni­tion of “wo­rk”).

It’s ca­lled Sho­reham and no, you can’t ha­ve it ye­t.

As a tea­se­r, he­re’s a vi­deo. Wi­th a pon­y.

In the near fu­tu­re I wi­ll do a be­tter post about this ex­plai­ning the co­de, etc.


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