Way too excited about the Asus eee

Rea­ll­y. I can ima­gi­ne ha­ving one of the­se as my main com­pu­ter (wi­th ex­ter­nal HD and mo­ni­to­r).

I pro­ba­bly wo­n’t and use my fu­ll-­si­ze no­te­book or a desk­top when at ho­me/o­ffi­ce, but it should take me ba­ck to the da­ys when I sim­ply ca­rried my Li­bre­tto eve­r­ywhe­re be­cau­se it was li­ght enou­gh.

He­re’s the best re­view I found so fa­r.

Peo­ple wo­rry about the 4GB or 8GB “disk”. If you keep your me­dia (I­SO­s, mo­vie­s, mu­si­c) on an ex­ter­nal HD, you pro­ba­bly can ha­ve eve­r­y­thing el­se the­re.

Using rs­ync to keep two bo­xes syn­ce­d… lo­ts of po­ten­tia­l.

I am pro­ba­bly bu­ying two of the cheap ones.


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