How dirty are the spurs?

Anyone who has no idea who the spurs are, ignore this, from Cary Clack.

My favorite bits:

And what are some of the thuggish things the team does?

Well, you know those allegations about Michael Vick?

The Spurs are into pit bull fighting?

No, no. Panda bears.


Panda bear fighting. Most of the guys own panda bears, so we get together, put soft and fluffy pillows on the paws of the bears and let them go at it.

How dirty are you going to be towards LeBron?

Real dirty. The fans are going to help us mess that kid up. You know how he spells his name with a capital 'B'?


Well. We're going to have posters spelling it with a small 'b.' And when they call out his name they're going to scream 'Lebron!' instead of 'LeBron.' It's dirty, but that's how we roll in San Antonio.


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