BartleBlog change: Mako Templates

Since the very beginning, BartleBlog has been using CherryTemplate for its output formatting needs. I like it, because it's very simple.

However, it had grown rather cumbersome.

Specifically, most pages in a blog are sort of a page template with a body template inside (the main content).

To do that on CherryTemplate, I used a two-pass approach: generate the body, then pass it as parameter to the page template.

Which is a pain in some cases because you end basically having to do a rendering function for each kind of page, or some crazy-evil function (what I did).

Exploring the different python template engines, I ran into Mako and decided to give it a whirl. It looks good.

The approach is a bit different, it is much more powerful, but you can still use it simply if you can.

And the main feature was template inheritance. Using that, no more inner and outer templates, baby!

Oh, and performance is better:


real    31m44.732s
user    21m18.336s
sys     2m7.628s


real    24m54.472s
user    19m9.508s
sys     1m56.375s

This is for completely rerendering the whole 7 years, 574 posts, 40 static articles, 14 category blog, and there is tons of optimizations to be done.

BTW: this is how you rerender the whole blog:

from import Blog


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