PHP is for Lucre (II)

I probably should have charged more.

Things I learned in this project:

  • If they tell you the design is important, it doesn't matter that said design includes:

    • Fixed pixel-height text inputs (so when you resize fonts you can't see what you write)
    • Misaligned fields and labels

    So, I needed to use Smarty to generate the exact same HTML, working just as bad as the original. And it is thrice the work of doing it right.

  • If deployment is on Windows, regardless of having the same version of PHP, you are going to get in trouble one way or another.

    In order to do it quick & cheap & good, I used PEAR modules extensively. And now I have to make sure all of them are in the server... where there is no remote admin solution usable. So I have to be onsite to deploy. I can't even remember the last time I had to do such a thing :-(

So, I was cheaper than the other proposals, and maybe I was a bit too cheap. Live and learn :-)


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