BOP: Ball Oriented programming

Some of you may be familiar with weird programming languages. Some of you may even know about bidimensional languages. Some of you may have seen Flip, where computation is performed by balls bouncing off things.

Now you can see Flip using Qt. My Ra-Flip interpreter. I wrote it in a lark after finding out about Flip in Good Math, Bad Math and shares no code with the original, but it's a simple language ;-)

It's almost feature-complete. Missing are:

  • Levels (to make it threedimensional)
  • Input
  • Start-stop-pause-delay controls

Here is the mandatory screenshot:


But that really doesn't do it justice, so here's a video:

The fun starts around 35 seconds in. The program prints an infinite series of even numbers and stores odd numbers in a ... I am not sure how to call that. A circuit?

I may think about writing a something-to-Flip compiler, so you can write your programs in some sort of simplistic imperative language and then see them as a pinball machine.

It may be cute if an artist could spend a few hours making nicer gadgets, before I do it (it won't be pretty ;-)

And yes, this is probably the most useless program written using Qt, right there with kyes.


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