Son of BartleBlog XII: post in mere seconds

It was pretty hard, but I finally managed to make bartleblog re-render only the necessary pages.

In fact, now my blog has a few less pages because some random stuff was generated in the past, and never got deleted.

There are still some bugs but, with this, it's a reasonably useful app.


  • Alternative comment system based on JS-Kit
  • Flickr photoset directive
  • Nicer Openomy tag directive
  • Flickr and Openomy uploading
  • Many config pages and wizards
  • Background rendering
  • Lots of UI love
  • FeedBurner support to automatically use their version of the RSS feeds

Other than that, it's pretty much feature-complete, or at least it has enough features a nerd can use it to post a blog just like this one, for whatever that's worth.


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