Son of BartleBog X: Lots of small things are a big thing

  • I did the tag editor:

The "Guess Tags" button in the composer uses the "Magic words" defined for each tag to give you a starting set, which you can edit later. Still has a few implementation issues (thus the taglessness of this post) but it's almost there.

  • Using HTMLTidy I made all the HTML validate (as transitional, at least).
  • Using browsercam I made sure this page works on every decent browser (it looks bad on IE 4.0, and Netscape 6):

There is a nasty problem with IE and JavaScript, where if you have a <script> that does some specific things inside of a <div> it tends to give a weird "Operation aborted" dialog after showing part of the page, and then delete what you were seing. That is a known, confirmed bug, and has been there for three major versions already.

  • Added a feedBox widget that can display as a sidebar any feed that uses FeedBurner's BuzzBoost (see "Latest comments" on the sidebar).

I am now toying with using FeedBurner's API to (optionally) automatically publish all the RSS feeds BartleBlog generates there, thus making this kind of thing more transparent.


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