Dear Dr. Sheldon Cooper...

This post is a joke.

Dr. Cooper, I hope this letter finds you in good health. I couldn't avoid overhearing you talk with Dr. Hofstadter on our building's staircase the other day.

Specifically when you mused about how life would be if people evolved from reptiles. I am so disappointed in you.

First, you mention that lizards are cold-blooded. Which is true. And that when it's cold they get slower. Which is also true. But then you sayd something like "the weatherlizard would say 'it's slow outside' instead of 'it's cold'".

POPPYCOCK Dr. Cooper! If the lizard is slow because it's cold, it would perceive everything out there as fast, not slow, just like slow cars see faster cars as, you know... fast?

Also, the mention about suggesting the lizard should wear a sweater is a slap on the face of physics. Sweaters are an insulator, not an energy source. What makes the inside of the sweater warm is the human, Dr. Cold-blooded lizards would have no such effect beyond the tiny thermal inertia such an imperfect wool insulator would allow.

If you are interested on further argument in human-like reptile civilization and folklore I will be happy to indulge, but I must say I expected better of you.

Mrs. Vartabedian.

PS: things like this are the reason why I never ask you to come home for cereal.


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