rst2pdf 0.90 is out

Yes, after many moons, it's out. Here is the (as usual) incomplete changelog:

  • Added raw HTML support, by Dimitri Christodoulou
  • Fixed Issue 422: Having no .afm files made font lookup slow.
  • Fixed Issue 411: Sometimes the windows registry has the font's abspath.
  • Fixed Issue 430: Using --config option caused other options to be ignored (by charles at cstanhope dot com)
  • Fixed Issue 436: Add pdf_style_path to sphinx (by
  • Fixed Issue 428: page numbers logged as errors
  • Added support for many pygments options in code-block (by Joaquin Sorianello)
  • Implemented Issue 404: plantuml support
  • Issue 399: support sphinx's template path option
  • Fixed Issue 406: calls to the wrong logging function
  • Implemented Issue 391: New --section-header-depth option.
  • Fixed Issue 390: the --config option was ignored.
  • Added support for many pygments options in code-block (by Joaquin Sorianello)
  • Fixed Issue 379: Wrong style applied to paragraphs in definitions.
  • Fixed Issue 378: Multiline :address: were shown collapsed.
  • Implemented Issue 11: FrameBreak (and conditional FrameBreak)
  • The description of frames in page templates was just wrong.
  • Fixed Issue 374: in some cases, literal blocks were split inside a page, or the pagebreak came too early.
  • Fixed Issue 370: warning about sphinx.addnodes.highlightlang not being handled removed.
  • Fixed Issue 369: crash in hyphenator when specifying "en" as a language.
  • Compatibility fix to Sphinx 0.6.x (For python 2.7 docs)

This release did not focus on Sphinx bugs, so those are probably still there. Hopefully the next round is attacking those.


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