Advogato post for 2001-06-27 17:19:42

Another day, MAYBE another no/show for Conectiva.

Latest news: Mail from their lawyer saying he is authorized now since yesterday, and he will pick up the checkbook today [1] and that ¨it would be nice to have the liquidation numbers, so I will ask the accountant to provide them¨[2]. It would be nice indeed. Specially considering Conectiva has not yet told me WHAT exactly they are going to pay or HOW MUCH of it are they going to fork over.

So, I call the not-in-a-hurry dude with a law degree and... ¨he is busy right now, do you want to leave a message?¨[3]

Callback from the I-charge-by-the-hour esquire: ¨the numbers have not arrived yet. We´ll call you¨[4]

They have about an hour left of bank hours. Somehow I don´t think I will meet my money today.

[1] No, no idea why he didn´t pick it up yesterday [2] No, I have no idea why my liquidation is not done 27 days after I was fired. [3] Damn right I want to. Tell him to make my check and call me! [4] Yes, ¨we´ll call you¨ is long for ¨maybe we will pay you, maybe we won´t¨


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