Advogato post for 2001-03-26 14:15:58

Well, 6 months without posting an entry.

I must confess I was pretty pissed at some people around here at the time (note to self: maybe putting my real email address here is not such a good idea. Some people are really scary).

I have been a nullity when it comes to coding, I have declared KRN dead (and since support for KDE 1.x is waning, that's a good thing :-P)

However, I have had some recent events that make me think I may still have an app inside me trying to get out. More news on that tomorrow, hopefully.

I certified Taj (didn't knew you had a diary here, friend!) as master, because, of course, he is one.

After reading his diary, I chuckle remembering how I introduced him to python ;-)


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