Advogato post for 2000-09-07 15:47:02


I still say "I'll believe it when I see it", but at least I have SOME hopes of seing it.

I steel feel Debian has, in general, acted wrong in the past, but I will apologize and forgive. When the code is in, of course.

I wonder if this means that RMS will declare Debian to be non-free software, though.

Two more random license questions:

a) if KDE code was not properly licensed, then it was not licensed. If it was not licensed, noone could use it. If noone could use it, noone could derive from it. If noone could derive, gtkhtml is illegal, and GNOME should be dumped from Debian. And GNOME should ask forgiveness?

b) Nautilus (and other GNOME programs) are GPL and link (optionally) to mozilla. Mozilla is still not compatible with the GPL. Shouldn't those programs be declared "not properly licensed" by Debian, too?

My answers: no and no. But neither should KDE have had to take as much crap when others are allowed to get away with it.


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