Advogato post for 2000-09-06 13:21:54

Joey, if Debian includes KDE now, I will be happy to apologize. BTW: Debian can just get a copy, you are excepted by section 4, which RMS told me is the one about forfeiting rights. You will be in compliance, and you can keep on redistributing it, so Debian still has no excuse. Go ahead, MAKE ME APOLOGIZE, that's what I want most than anything.

Tladuca: what you see here is just rage and frustration. Because that's about all I have left in me regarding RMS, the FSF, etc. If it bothers you, too bad, really. I'm gonna keep on coding, but I now know that whatever we do we will never get the respect of the FSF, or RMS, because they seem to just dislike us for politics, because I refuse to believe this hackneyed forgiveness thing is serious, since it's trivial to fix (even if you take the most hardcore position on it). Too bad for them. I don't care anymore.

And after all, if RMS really believed this about forfeiture, wouldn't he have said that in one of his previous statements about the subject? That's why I believe he is just making it up as he goes.


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