Advogato post for 2000-09-05 17:46:55

To those saying "oh, no, Debian was just waiting for the licensing problems to clear up", read and cry:


> > I guess RevKrusty may want to put his packages into Debian?
> He already uploaded kdelibs, I didn't see if it was installed.

I was wondering what happened to it? It didn't appear in the archives, it wasn't moved to REJECT or DONE, it just disappeared. I was wondering if there was some long flame war on debian-private that I was missing.


More of the same old crap. Reasons why you should never trust your code to politicians.

Edition: For honesty's sake, I will not delete what I had written. However, it seems the packages are still in incoming. Le's wait and see. Now that RMS has given Debian yet another straw to grasp with the forgiveness stuff, I have no hopes of KDE getting into Debian, though.


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