Advogato post for 2000-08-28 16:22:01

Just noticed that I said in the previous entry that the river world tetralogy was written by J.G. Ballrd.... yikes.

First, it's written by Philip Jose Farmer (and should have remembered because he has an alter egp called Peter Jairus Frigate, and the initials wouldn't match with J.G. Ballard ;-)

Also, strangely it's not a tetralogy, because I found a 5th volume ;-)

Anyway, read the 5th volume, finished the patagonian express (I really like the book, strangely, the train shown in the cover is one that is NOT in the book!) and started Tom Wolfe's "A man in full".

I must say I can't read Orson Scott Card. maybe it's just a lousy book (xenocide), but it's unreadable.

I am doing SOME coding, too ;-)


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