Advogato post for 2000-08-04 15:57:29

Ok, so I am finally in Rosario for the Jornada Linux!

There is, they say, 1700 people signed in. Today, since it 's a working day, only about 400 are here.

The Corel people are showing their instal, with, let's say, less than stellar results (as in 1 hour into the demo and still no install).

Checked the place where I am suposed to give my talk about KDE2 tomorrow... it a damn stadium. 400 people can fit there. Now I'm scared :-)

Checked into a little hotel called Colonial, just 5 blocks away from the conference... nice, cheap, clean. No elevator, though, and I carry the biggest, heaviest bag you can imagine (it contains clothes for three days, man's kit (shaving/etc), and a full tower system :-)

Met with some of the guys I know, César from LUCAS, a couple guys from LUGLI, a lady from the MAGIC (that a ministery :-)

In an hour or so, I will attend César's talk about i18n. Should be interesting.

And no, I have not met RMS yet, because he will arrive tomorrow (even after I gave my talk, so he will not be there ;-)


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