Advogato post for 2000-08-04 05:34:39

It's 2:30 AM, and instead of being arriving at rosario for the 1ra Jornada Linux, I am here in my office polishing the slides.

I am either too responsible, or the exact opposite :-)

Anyway, making the slides made me see a whole bunch of things that are already very cool in KDE 2.

For example, snapshot harvesting is just too easy. split konqy, and drag the images into the folder :-)

KPresenter is pretty solid (except for embedding :-P)

In fact, I am now decided that konqueror is my new default browser.

It's stable enough for real use, it can be made to have separate processes for different windows, and... it does java and plugins better than netscape itself! So, I'll keep it ;-)

Now, I will finish this, and go find a bus, so I will be in Rosario around 8AM.... just in time to go without sleeping into the activities. Oh, the fun ;-)


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