Advogato post for 2000-08-02 14:06:01

Wow, I'm tired :-P

Gave a "lecture" last night at the UP (Universidad de Palermo), the usual "Introduction to Linux" one.

Things were not as smooth as one would want, though.

First, I broke kpresenter, and (dumb) had no staroffice version of the slides. I could have rewritten them right there... if I had a monitor!

Then we got there, and instead of the usual largish classroom, there we were, in a freaking theater :-)

We were moved, because the signed-in exceeded the classroom's capacity! So: 160 seats. Stage. Podium. Mandatory mic. 80 people in attendance (give or take 10).

And the computer lodged in a projection room, 20 meters away from me, and one floor higher!

So, I wouldn't have been able to control the slides anyway, because this place needs two to make the speech/slide thing work right.

The actual speaking was not too bad, I think, although without the help of the slides I tend to get more disorganized. I forgot to mention a couple of things, too.

And since the computer was unusable, I could not show the system in action, so it turned out to be some 15 minutes shorter than expected.

The questions section was ok-ish. Not too long, but those who asked seemed clueful, and the questions were fairly interesting.

One funny thing: apparently some assisted because they believed it was about something else. Almost noone left, though, and one of the organizers said someone said "I wanted something else, but now I know what linux is" ;-)


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