Advogato post for 2000-01-25 23:46:34

So, no KRN release today. I decided some stuff just has to go in, so I'd rather write it.

Added lots of ways to do things that are implemented but were not accessible from the GUI, like "unlock all articles that are tagged" and such. These are cheap features, since most are just a menu entry and a connect().

Made mouse clicks configureable. Want right click to download? Or double click to open? Or left click to tag? But if you are online you shift them all to the left? Done.

So, not too much code, but lots of features that help usability (I hope ;-)

Also finished the fancy group search dialog. Now that means I have to do a similar one for articles, of course.

Anyway, it is fun. I had not coded so consistently in quite a while, and I'm producing fairly good code, so it's a good time.


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