Advogato post for 2000-01-24 23:05:37

Monday... that can't be right. After all, it seems like it was minutes ago that it was friday night and I was going to spend the entire weekend locked in, coding, bugfixing, not stopping even to eat...

Oh, I forgot, I spent the weekend at the beach and sleeping instead. Oh, well, it was not too bad either.

Anyway, today I'm back on track. Implemented lots of easy features in KRN, the kind that were obvious holes (like "download tagged articles in subscribed newsgroups", you know), fixed a bunch of bugs, and decided that some pieces will be rewritten, but not for 0.6.9.

Because 0.6.9 is 99% sure to come out tomorrow. And tomorrow is only a day away. Or so I've heard.


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