Advogato post for 2000-05-10 13:44:57

Money! I have money! Ok, I got my paycheck, life is good ;-)

I've been reading some history books lately. XIX century history books to be precise. Those guys were either too interesting, or had great biographers.

For example, how could Lavalle, who was called "the headless sword" say something like this: "This fucking land, where noone dares to kill me because they fear me", after commanding a 1000Km, extremely ugly, retreat?

Also: idea for a historic action movie, based on fact: Hyppolite Bouchard. French. Becomes captain of a corsair ship called "La Argentina". He sets off to sea, crosses the Magellan strait, goes all the way up to Hawaii.

There he buys back ANOTHER argentinian ship called Chacabuco, which was seized by Hawaii, meets king Kameha Meha, who makes Hawaii the first nation to recognize argentinian independence.

Then he mans the second ship with part of his crew, and completes both with Hawaiian natives.

That combination of south american and polinesian crews then continues one of the most extraordinary raids in history. They raid Monterrey (the argentinian flag was raised there for about 6 days), Santa Barbara, a dozen other towns, sinks about 20 ships, and then comes down all the coast of Central America.

Now, if someone actually went and made the movie, would anyone BELIEVE it? I bet not.


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