Advogato post for 2000-05-02 15:25:11

Ok. so I'm being a bit lame about diary entries. Oh, well.

Life: I am doing strange things lately. I can now read the paper while standing on the subway, feat I believed to be beyond my reach. And the line was extended to a new station 2 blocks away from my appartment, so I now walk some less, and have 12 minutes more sleep each night.

I have a borrowed 3"tv. It's kinda nice, after over 2 weeks of tv-less existence.

I read "The dispossessed", by Ursula K. LeGuin. Nice book. I read it in english, because it costed me $5.50, while the spanish version costed $12 (both paperback). No idea why.

A word of advice: If you ever need to get a legal authorization from another country to allow you to sign checks in the company account, and you need it very fast, well, it will not work too well. What? That's no advice? I suppose. Or the advice would be: don't get yourself in that position :-)

I got a very functional KDE2 running! There are minor niggles all around (like needing to run kbuildsycoca once by hand, vertical maximizing not working right, and so on).

I can't build arts and koffice, but that's pretty minor right now.

I am doing some minor work in krn, and interviewing people for a position that would, in practical terms be my boss. That IS strange.

Also interviewed a guy that has pretty nice academic background (master in Japan, studied in the Balseiro institute, perhaps the best hard science place in Argentina) to join the company, he should be useful (even if he wants to become a salesman for some strange reason :-)


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