Advogato post for 2000-04-25 19:54:25

Ok, good news, I have internet at the office now! I can start working on my stuff again!!!! Yipee!

I noticed a few days ago that some coworkers (sortof, they are very far) keep logs here, too! (hi acme and company! :-)

Good economic news, too. Or rather, great economic news. I'd just say the day was perfect, if it was not because I didn't have lunch, but that's good for my belly.

I am arranging things with Uwe to go to Namibia on january, that should be just too cool. I need to learn to drive, because it seems there is no other way to go around there.

Also finished reading Uwe's book (KDE application development, Macmillan Technical Publishing) recommended! You will learn about traveling salesman problem along the way ;-)

So... I'm a happy guy, at least for today.


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