Advogato post for 2000-04-10 12:21:42

Long time without an entry. Way too long.

Of course, I have a good excuse, I was too busy actually having a life, to have time to write about that life.

Ok, current status: I have done no free software programming in the last 2 or three weeks, basically for the reason given above.

Work: I now work for a Linux company, which pays me roughly an order of magnitude more money than my previous employer, even though because of reasons given below, I now OWE much more money than I did a few weeks ago.

Personal life: I now live in Buenos Aires, which is, for those of you who are not well versed in geography, the gatway to hell, masquerading as a large cosmopolitan city at the shores of the world's widest river (even if geographers say it's not REALLY a river). My previous city was Santa Fe, which was about 20 times smaller. I still don't have an appartment, but that should change tomorrow, because, among other things, if it doesn't change, I will have to borrow MORE money to stay in the hotel.

Then, of course, is the small problem of how does one live without any furniture, which I won't be able to afford for aAT LEAST a month :-)

And that's why I owe money now: from a susistence economy, where I lived on $4 a day, I am now spending roughly $70 a day, living in a hotel, and eating in restaurants.

Love: well, I now live 550km away from it. That's going to be tough, and I don't have much hope of it surviving. That sucks too much to think about.


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