Advogato post for 2000-01-21 21:39:12

A day of rest. Or at least an afternoon. I was awake way too late last night watching the eclipse.

Of course a lunar eclipse is way too slow to just sit and watch, but I was lucky, I could see it from my bed, through my window. In fact, the movement of moon was almost exactly across the window.

So, I just got a book (Job, by Heinlein) turn on the reading light, and looked at the moon every 10 pages or so.

I suppose I had enough eclipsed moon to last me a lifetime.

Then, since I had to eake up about 3 hours after I fell asleep, I have been all day on zombie-mode. The continuing heat wave was not helping, so I went to a friend's house to stay in the pool... and I suppose that's why the laser-like sun transformed into pouring rain in the 20 minutes of the trip, but dammit, I still got in the pool, after all, the water was hotter than the air by then.

Now, a mild 30C, a good time to go coding. I have identified all the places in KRN where I was missing network error checking (yeah, sure) so this should push stability a lot.

After that, I need to fix both search dialogs (nifty new design), and I think I will release 0.6.9. Perhaps on monday.


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