Advogato post for 2000-03-10 19:17:22

The new box is really fast. It can updatedb 7GB of data in 35 seconds and run ldconfig on the full system in less than a second. (have any more useless benchmarks?)

I got tired of coding KRN only, so I went and implemented a QPaintDevice that produces PDF output :-)

Using it, you can use the exact same code used for screen drawing (or postscript printing) and have it generte a nifty PDF file.

However, that will only be partly free software because it requires PDFLib which has the Aladdin license.

I will probably Aladdin it too, and who knows, maybe some Qt comercial deeloper will pay me $10 to use it ;-)

It was amazingly little work (it's over 60% done already). QPaintDevices rule. I should do a libart one... as soon as I understand how that thing works, or find some doc.


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