Advogato post for 2000-03-02 02:58:53

Ok, so I got the answer to my question of what drives a slashdot troll. The answer, it seems, is ego, immaturity and a strange thirst of revenge for imagined damage.

Or at least, that's what it seems to me, from reading the thread at, I'm sure the trolls themselves, and that new stranger fauna, the troll fan, will disagree completely, and probably I am completely wrong[1].

Noticed something else: the tendency to reciprocal certification in advogato. Now I am starting to believe that some of the people who certified me only did that expecting me to certify them in response[2]

On the KRN side of life, it is currently a decent basic newsreader again, although it is much less featureful than 0.6.11, but, boy is it smooth! :-)

After reading the responses to the advogato story on the /. implosion, I see Raph replied to my preaching against anonymous posting. Well, I am against it not as a principle, but as an aestethic judgement.

Posts made by a recognizable entity shape my perception of that entity. Such entity can acquire overtime features I appreciate, like integrity, honour, humour, wit, knowledge, empathy.

A anonymous post is an end in itself, it's a dead alley. It only contributes to the context of the thread, and then vanishes.

Anonymous posts are graffiti, named posts are correspondence.

If you take the letters by Sartre to Simone, separate them, put each in a piece of paper and remove the names, you have a lot of rather nice writing.

Mix them with another 1000 letters by others, in the same condition, and you have a lot of noise, with semi-interesting nuggets every now and then.

Take the Sartre letters, put them in a book, and you have what I am reading now, and trust me, it's not the same.

The whole is rarely the sum of its parts.


[1] I don't believe I have any capability to understand other people's motivations, at best I can react to their actions. I reacted strongly to these particular actions.

[2] By definition, those who certified me in that vein are certifying me wrong since they are only supposed to certify me if they know me, and anyone who knows me will say I will not grant certifications as a reward. I suppose I will be Apprentice tomorrow[3] ;-)

[3] Hey, reverse psychology worked on /. ;-)


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