Advogato post for 2000-02-10 00:10:58

Moved all KRN development into SourceForge.

Also, I've been informed that there is a mountain called Krn in eastern europe, so that convinced me to do a (lame) page redesign, so that such a fact is more widely known.

BTW: there is also a Krn lake, right next to the mountain :-)

So, now Krn has a new home page and bug report systems, web based forums, public CVS access, download pages, patch manager, actual daily backups, and all sorts of neat things.

Thanks SourceForge people, your setup is way nice!

Except because I have to relogin every three pages or so, for some reason, but that's minor.

Of course all this infrastructure work didn't leave any time to actually CODING but hey, life ain't perfect.


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