Advogato post for 2000-02-09 01:46:16

I took a couple of days off programming, and today I got back into it. I am doing some nifty stuff with mrtg. It's amazing how many different things you can graph with some thought. Today I added "number of requests off the web proxy" and "mails processed by qmail (incoming and outgoing separate)". Quite nifty to find unusual situations.

On the free software side of things, KRN is right now in a shape that would make it a credible 0.6.10, but I think I will add some extra things.

The find article dialog is done, and article threading is now as close to perfect as I can understand, so that's two things less to care about.

I am starting to write a short essay, that I may propose to publish in advogato. It's a bit inflammatory, but in a good way.

Anxiously waiting news from the Brazil job. My petition was supposed to be read today, so I may have news tomorrow...


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