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Two Serpents Rise (Craft Sequence, #2)

  • Au­thor: Max Glad­stone
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    So, there's this guy liv­ing in a large city, south by the west coast, you see, and he's in­­­volved in some strange thing about wa­ter right­s.

    Be­­cause he's stub­born and has some in­­ves­ti­­gat­ing tal­en­t, he ends up way over his head, in the com­­pa­ny of big fish, along with this mis­­tery gal who may not be what she ap­­pears to be.

    So, like Chi­­na­­town (the movie) ex­­cept LA is pop­u­lat­ed by mad aztec­s, and cen­­tral amer­i­­ca was de­stroyed a while ago. What's not to like?