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Three Parts Dead (Craft Sequence, #1)

  • Au­thor: Max Glad­stone
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    CSI: church?

    Lots of world­build­ing, done the right way, with­­out get­t­ing in the way of plot. And what a plot. The au­thor has so many ideas that he throws away things that would be, in oth­­er hand­s, whole nov­el­s, per­haps trilo­­gies. Para­phras­ing:

    "Yeah, I left home and climbed a rain­bow to study witch­craft in a gi­ant school in the cloud­s, there I had a fal­l­ing out with an evil teach­er who was a life-­­force vam­pire, so I burned out his lab, and the school's fac­ul­­ty then tried to kill me and made me fall from heav­en, but let's not talk about that now, and let's fo­­cus in this res­ur­rec­t­ing-a-­­god thing.".

    Al­­so, gar­­goyles, vam­pires, pi­rates, witch­es, wiz­­ard­s, zom­­bies, golem­s, talk­ing hors­es, and pi­rate-­­vam­pires.

    Could­n't wait to start the next one in the se­ries.