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The Waking Engine

  • Au­thor: David Edi­son
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    I re­al­­ly wan­t­ed to read this book, but some­thing just did­n't click for me. I sus­pect I now un­der­­s­tand how those who dis­­­like Chi­­na Miéville feel.

    Al­­so, some­­times the au­thor us­es words strange­­ly. He spent a chap­ter writ­ing "cate­­nary chain­s". Cate­­nary means ei­ther "chain-­­like" or some­thing in a spe­­cif­ic curve. Since these chains are just ly­ing on the ground he's say­ing "chain-­­like chain­s" over and over again, and it just both­­ered me way more than it should.

    The con­­cept of the uni­­verse where the book takes place is cool. The pace picks up a lot in the sec­ond half, al­though some char­ac­ters seem to just dis­­ap­­pear.