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The Lion of Farside (Farside, #1)

  • Au­thor: John Dal­mas
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    Some writ­ers take a small theme and cre­ate a land­s­cape. Dal­­mas takes a big premise (Al­ter­­nate uni­ver­s­es! Mag­ic!) and cre­ates a puny sto­ry about a guy that has no idea why he does things and is lead by the nose by his des­tiny, un­til things just stop.

    Yes, the writ­ing has a style, and the char­ac­ter de­vel­op­­ment is not as ter­ri­ble as it sounds like, but the lack of am­bi­­tion is stun­n­ing.

    I had the same re­ac­­tion when read­­ing Sol­diers (Alien­s! In­­­va­­sion! Geno­­cide!) which turned in­­­to a sort of com­­par­a­­tive imag­i­­nary re­li­­gions pam­phlet.

    I am not sure I will read oth­­er John Dal­­mas books un­­less I have noth­ing else at hand.