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The House of Rumour

  • Au­thor: Jake Arnott
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    You may won­der (not re­al­­ly) why it took me years to fin­ish read­­ing this book. The an­swer is, of course, that it did­n't, but that Kobo had sold it to me, I start­ed read­­ing it, and then they took it away be­­cause of bul­l­shit rea­­son­s, so I restart­ed it once I found it on Kin­­dle Un­lim­it­ed.

    Now, about the book: it's quite awe­­some. The au­thor brings an en­­cy­­clo­pe­dic knowl­­edge of ran­­dom triv­ia and or­­ga­nizes it in­­­to a co­her­ent tale cov­­er­ing some 50 years. I am not sure what the point of the sto­ry ac­­tu­al­­ly is but it's very in­­ter­est­ing and quite a bit of fun to read.