Regional Thought

You like to believe what you think is rational. You like to believe that you are not one of those misguided people who believe crazy stuff.

Well, sorry, you are. As an example, I will provide two superstitions that will each look stupid to the person who believes the other, and will both look stupid to the people who believe neither.

If you are from a country of british heritage, you may believe cheese gives you nightmares. If you are in the British Cheese Board, you may have paid for a study that claims that eating Cheddar will make you dream of celebrities.

Also, the official Cheddar Anthem:

On the other hand, if you are from South Korea, you may be inclined to believe that sleeping with an electric fan turned on is dangerous, and may cause you asphyxiate, or suffer hypothermia.


If both of these sound absurd to you, keep in mind that you probably hold some belief just as absurd, but don't know it.


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