PyDay Luján 5/5/2012

This saturday I attended Pyday Luján. I don't know if other places have such things as PyDays, so here's a brief summary:

  1. It is a day-long event
  2. It usually takes place in a university
  3. It has one or two tracks
  4. It's about python
  5. It's fun

This time, it took place at the Universidad Nacional de Luján which is a biiiiit too far from my home:

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Luckily Facundo Batista was going, and he's a driver, not a pedestrian, and took me there.

I was to speak about "Doing one thing and doing it right". These are the boring slides:

I you don't see them up there, go here.

I really, really wanted to record this. But I failed. So, combining that with my reluctance about repeating myself, it means this thing will only ever be seen by those who were there last saturday.

Great fun was had, an unwise number of choripanes was eaten, and lots of interesting conversations occured.

Hopefully soonish there will be some pictures, too (although I did not take any).

So, thanks to Yamila and the rest of the Luján organizers!


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