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Orphans of Chaos (Chronicles of Chaos, #1)

  • Au­thor: John C. Wright
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    An en­ter­­tain­ing book if you like greek mythol­o­­gy and fan­­ta­sy.
    The con­­cept is re­al­­ly a good idea (bri­tish stu­­dents are ac­­tu­al­­ly the sons of the ti­­tan­s! no, that's not a re­al spoil­er, you can fig­ure it out around page 60), but I am not ter­ri­bly con­vinced by the writ­ing style (and the math is some­what du­bi­ous).

    I got the oth­­er two thirds of the tril­o­­gy and am giv­ing it an op­­por­­tu­ni­­ty.