Nikola Plans

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I have not stopped working on Nikola, my static site generator. Here are the plans:

  1. Finish the theme installer (so you can get a theme from the site easily)
  2. Implement a theme gallery on the site (same purpose)
  3. Fix a couple of bugs
  4. Update manual
  5. Polish a few theme bits
  6. Release version 3.x (new major number because it requires manual migration)

After that, I will push on projects Shoreham (hosted sites) and Smiljan (planet generator) and make them more public. Shoreham will become a real web app for those who don't want to have their own server. For free, hopefully!

Once I have that, I have no further feature ideas, really. So I need more people to start using it, and that means I have to start announcing it more.

So, stay tuned for version 3.x sometime next week.

Post-Nikola, I will do a rst2pdf release, and then will get back to work on a book.


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