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Neptune's Brood (Freyaverse, #2)

  • Au­thor: Charles Stross
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    This is a book about mon­ey, and ways to get oth­­er peo­­ple's mon­ey in a cost-­e­f­­fi­­cient way. It's about what hap­pens when the amount of mon­ey you are talk­ing about gets too big for com­­fort, or so big you can't re­al­­ly spend it, or, re­al­­ly, just too big.

    Con­sid­er­ing that, it's a sur­pris­ing­­ly fun read, as long as you are not go­ing to dwell too much on the prob­lem of fi­at mon­ey with no back­­ing what­­so­ev­er, be­ing trad­ed across in­­ter­stel­lar dis­­­tances (which is, I sus­pec­t, one of the points of the book).