My Solution For Bootstrap's Freaking Fixed Navigation Bar Hiding Things

This is a well known problem with bootstrap:

If you use a fixed navigation bar at the top, whenever you follow a link to somewhere inside the page, the actual link target is going to be hidden below that freaking navigation bar.

There are a ton of solutions, which have two tons of minor issues. There seems to be no way to solve this using CSS and JS without causing other problems.

There are a bunch of JS solutions around. Here's mine:

<script type="text/javascript">
 $(window).on('hashchange', function(){
     if (location.hash) {
         $('body').animate({scrollTop: $(location.hash).offset().top - $('#navbar').outerHeight(true)*1.2 }, 1);

It works well, is short and has decent browser coverage. It only fails in the corner case of clicking on the same internal link twice (which, who cares).


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