Lenovo Mini Keyboard

The Lenovo mini wireless keyboard and trackball

Just got this today from DX and it's awesome.

  1. I got it in a termosealed bag with a note from the Argentinian mail company saying "sorry it's broken, we got it that way".
  2. The box looked like a rhino had seen it was on fire and tried to put it out.
  3. It's spotless and works perfectly.
So, what is it?
A RF (not bluetooth) mini-keyboard + trackball.
Does it work?
Brilliantly. You take the dongle, plug it into a USB port, and it works, no pairing, no config, no drivers, no nothing.
But does it work on Linux?
Yep, everything, from the volume keys, to the "player" keys, to the weird orange key that apparently launches nautilus. All the multimedia keys work, with OSD feedback, and they do the obvious thing on clementine.
Are the keys nice?
They are a lot like an expensive QWERTY slider phone's. No travel, but nice feedback, and the layout is reasonable. It's mostly a thumb-keyboard, and the shape works nicely for that.
And the trackball?
Works with the thumb. I woul like a "press-the-trackball" to click, and strangely it's a bit noisy! But not bad at all.
What else?
Light, has a compartment to store the dongle, seems rather robust. Comes with batteries.

So far, really happy with it, will use it for my living room computer/mediathing.


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