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Heaven and Mel

  • Au­thor: Joe Es­zter­has
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    Two stars is "it was ok". In this case, it means "it was ok for what it is". What it is is crap. Ok crap, though!

    Jow Es­­zter­has is prob­a­bly the worst writ­er I have ev­er read. He is a sanc­ti­­mo­nious, delu­­sion­al, self­­-­­glo­ri­­fy­ing as­s. He be­lieves god talks to him about his movies. He be­lieves the vir­­gin sends sig­­nals to him and his pro­­duc­ers green­­light­ing his scripts (and even then, they don't get pro­­duced!)

    And he writes about an­oth­er sanc­ti­­mo­nious, delu­­sion­al, self­­-­­glo­ri­­fy­ing as­s, Mel Gib­­son. They re­al­­ly sound pret­­ty much the same to me, ex­­cept one sounds an­­gry and stupid, and the oth­­er sounds pet­­ty and stupid.

    Al­leged­­ly, the au­thor had such fear of Mel Gib­­son he slept hold­ing a rosary in one hand and a golf club in the oth­­er while stay­ing at his house. Then, af­ter a year of work­ing on a script with this man he feared so much, he takes his teenage son and wife to stay at Mel Gib­­son's house in a se­­clud­ed, re­­mote lo­­ca­­tion in Cos­­ta Ri­­ca, so his son can go on long na­­ture walks with Mel Gib­­son.

    How does that end? With the fam­i­­ly so afraid of Mel Gib­­son they sleep with butch­er knives un­der their pil­lows.

    That's be­yond stupid, that's un­be­liev­ably stupid., so I ei­ther have to be­lieve Joe Es­­zter­has lacks the com­­mon sense evo­lu­­tion gave a gar­­den slug, or will­ing­­ly put his fam­i­­ly in harms way, or things did­n't quite hap­pen that way.

    So, ei­ther the au­thor is a mo­ron, he's evil, or he's a liar. Please no­tice that those are not mu­­tu­al­­ly ex­­clu­­sive ex­­pla­­na­­tion­s.

    If the av­er­age chris­­tian is any­thing like him and Mel Gib­­son, I sure am hap­py to be an athe­ist.

    Fi­­nal­­ly, the prose is aw­­ful. How a per­­son so in­­­ca­­pable of thread­­ing three sen­­tences in­­­to a co­her­ent para­­graph has man­aged to make a liv­ing off his writ­ing is a mis­­tery.