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Get in Trouble

  • Au­thor: Kel­ly Link
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    This is a short sto­ry col­lec­­tion, so it can't be any­thing but un­even. It's al­­so a Kel­­ly Link short sto­ry col­lec­­tion, so the highs are very high, and the lows are nice.

    The Brad­bury-in­spired Sum­mer Peo­­ple and Two Hous­es are now up there with The Faerie Bag in my hy­po­­thet­i­­cal list of mod­­ern fairy tales.

    Both su­per hero sto­ries bring a mix of mis­­tery and po­et­ry to a genre that, let's be hon­est, lacks both, be­ing as de­fined by mythos-in-a-­­can as it is.

    High­­­ly rec­om­­mend­ed to ev­ery­one.