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Gateway to Fourline

  • Au­thor: Pam Bron­dos
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    I got this as a free book on some Ama­­zon pro­­mo­­tion. It's an old­­fash­ioned "gate­way to a fan­­ta­sy world" sto­ry, like the Nar­­nia books or the Ma­gi­­cians tril­o­­gy.

    Did not like it much: it's slow-­­paced, the char­ac­ters are shal­low, and the "mag­i­­cal world" just looks like a bor­ing ver­­sion of the mid­­dle ages with an ar­bi­­trary and large­­ly un­de­scribed mag­ic sys­tem, and a ran­­dom evil race of tree-d­welling blue spi­der-­­mon­keys. And then it just end­s, ex­pec­t­ing the read­­er to go pay for more. Sor­ry, no.